Artillery Strikes are a key part of any offensive strategy. Typically used to soften up enemy fortifications, a bombardment from these huge ship-mounted guns can cause massive damage to enemy troops as well.

You can build the Artillery Strike by promoting them in your Command Bunker and then prepare them for battle in the Comms Center.


The Artillery Strike can be directed anywhere on your enemy's map, causing huge damage to everything it hits.

  • The majority of combat deaths in World War Two were caused by artillery.
  • "Artillery is the God of War..." - Josef Stalin, 1944
  • The Schwerer Gustav was the largest artillery piece ever created. Built in 1941, this enormous gun was nearly 50 metres long and had a range of around 23 miles!


Level Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 150 20m 7,000 0 0 5
2 200 20m 8,000 1d 200,000 6
3 250 20m 9,000 2d 500,000 7
4 300 20m 10,000 3d 1,000,000 8