"King of the skies, the bomber's shadow looms over unwitting ground forces as it unleashes its deadly payload of destruction."


The Bomber is a high damage but slow moving Air Force unit that causes massive amounts of damage in an area of effect, to both Army and Navy units as well as Buildings and Defenses.

By targeting enemy Defenses the Bomber is a powerful option to anyone who can afford the luxury of owning such a unit within their Air Force.

The Bomber is an Air Force unit that can be built for battle in the Hangar, they can be promoted via the Command Bunker. Promoting the Bomber improves the damage and health of the unit.


The Bomber, when used correctly, can deal deadly blows to the enemy due to the units high damage rate. However the speed of travel if not calculated into the strategy can cause major problems with your attack. With a large amount of health the enemy will need to focus a lot of attacks on the Bomber, meaning there is always time for you to readjust your strategy.

  • The Bomber will attack any defensive building or unit that is within their range.
  • Compared to all three Air Force units available, the Bomber is the slowest.
  • The Bomber also takes the longest of all three Air Force units to be built in the Hangar.
  • Promoting the Bomber to level 4 or upwards will allow you to have the strongest Air Force unit currently available in the game and can clean all the defense in the enemy island.
  • The Bomber resembles a B-25J "Mitchell" bomber, which played a similar role in the WWII as a medium bomber aiding Island Hopping missions in the Pacific War.

Unit Information

Domain Target Housing Spawn Count Speed Range
Air Defenses 3 1 4 2


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 210 43 5m 30s 500 3h 20,000 5
2 255 52 5m 30s 675 9h 80,000 5
3 300 61 5m 30s 845 2d 280,000 6
4 345 70 5m 30s 1000 5d 1,000,000 6
5 385 79 5m 30s 1175 10d 4,000,000 8
6 430 88 5m 30s 1350 16d 13,000,000 8