Camouflage is a protection mechanic within Battle Islands that is available to purchase for Gold from the shop. Here you can choose from five different packages that allow you to stay hidden from other players in the game. Camouflage hides you from attacking players for the duration of the package you have purchased, providing protection and time to build up buildings, or to just have peace of mind that you will not be attacked if you are away from the game for a long period of time.

Once a Camouflage package has been purchased, the protection begins instantly and will last for the period you selected. Once that period is up and has reached 0, you will become visible to the player again. You can choose to purchase more Camouflage, however each package has a cooldown period, meaning for a set amount of time you cannot re-purchase that package.

When you have been attacked by another player, if the damage inflicted was 50% or over, you will receive a free period of automatic Camouflage protection. This time allows you to recover and rebuild your defenses for the next inevitable player attack.

While under camouflage protection (whether purchased or as a result of an attack,) launching attacks upon enemy players will result in forfeiture of the remaining camouflage protection time.


Camo Amount One Day Camo Two Day Camo One Week Camo Two Week Camo Four Week Camo
Cost (Gold) 50 150 250 400 700
Cooldown (Days) 5d 10d 35d 70d 140d