"The Command Bunker is an outpost for operations overseas where you can research new units. Upgrade to gain access to new facilities, defences and units!"


The Command Bunker is the primary building of the base. It is initially captured during your first attack on the enemy. Within the Command Bunker, the option to recruit new units and promote existing ones to new levels is available. The Command Bunker takes up 4x4 cells and can only be placed on land.


The Command Bunker is a key element to your defensive layout of your base. Protecting the building is vital, but the size of the building can cause various issues. Kept back, away from the frontline, is preferred by most players, with many defensive layouts based around the Command Bunker being placed as far away from the shore or from easy passages that attacking players can take. Another favoured position is keeping the building in the heart of a strong fortified layout, surrounded by various defensive assets such as the Machine Gun , Camp or Land Mine . Rank 4 is the best upgrade as it allows you to access the Navy and the Air Force weaponry.

  • The Command Bunker can never be sold.
  • The visuals of the building slightly change each time it is promoted.
  • Only one Command Bunker per player.
  • The building is already built when you receive your base due to you capturing the Command Bunker and island during the opening tutorial.


Level Health Build Time Build Cost XP Reward Command Bunker Required
1 1500 0 0 0 0
2 1840 5m 1,200 17 1
3 2180 3h 5,000 103 2
4 2510 1d 22,000 293 3
5 2850 2d 160,000 415 4
6 3190 4d 800,000 587 5
7 3530 6d 1,500,000 720 6
8 3860 8d 4,000,000 831 7
9 4200 10d 6,500,000 ? 8