"The communication centre allows for the calling of reinforcements from far overseas during battle."


The Communications Centre is used to call in reinforcement units from far away, such as Paratroopers or Artillery Strikes. The Comms Centre is a necessary building to give advanced orders.

The Comms Centre takes up 3x3 cells and can only be built on the land.


The main objective of the Communication Centre is to allow the player to call in reinforcements from far overseas in the midst of battle. Starting at the first level, the Comms Centre holds 1 reinforcement and has a maximum of 5 reinforcements at level 5. The Communication Centre allows the dropping of Artillery Strikes, Paratroopers and Medi Drops to aid you in combat.

  • Increasing the rank of the Comms Centre increases its health and amounts of reinforcements available.
  • The Comms Centre can be fortified to increase the amount of damage it can take before being destroyed.


Level Health Build Time Build Cost XP Reward Command Bunker Required Unit Capacity
1 440 10h 200,000 189 4 1
2 500 16h 400,000 242 4 2
3 560 1d 800,000 293 4 3
4 620 2d 1,600,000 415 8 4
5 680 3d 2,600,000 500  ? 5