"Dogfighting is the fighters forte. Swift and nimble it dances through the skies peppering the enemy in a hail of gunfire from its twin machine guns."


Fast yet agile, the Fighter is the first Air Force unit available. These units are fast moving with moderate damage coming from the twin machine guns mounted on the wings. The Fighter Favours dogfighting with enemy Air Force units, however, attacking any other enemy targets is also an option for these units.

The Fighter is an Air Force unit that can be built for battle in the Hangar, they can be promoted via the Command Bunker. Promoting the Fighter improves the damage and health of the unit.


The Fighter, although having low health & low damage to begin with, used correctly can become a problem for any defending island to deal with. Combined with the cost and speed of production, the Fighter can be a quickly added tactical unit to any attacking force.

  • The Fighter is the fastest Air Force unit available.
  • Compared to all three Air Force units available, the Fighter requires only 1 housing space, compared to both the Bomber and Torpedo Bomber which both require more, needing 3 and 2 housing space, respectively.
  • The Fighter is the quickest of all three Air Force units to be produced in the Hangar.

The cost of producing a Fighter is considerably cheaper compared to the other two Air Force units available.

  • The Fighter resembles a P-51D "Mustang" fighter plane, which served as an invaluable escort fighter in the European Theater in WWII.
    • Interestingly, there is another Aerial Unit in Battle Islands named Escort Fighter, which resembles a P-38J "Lightning Fighter, a heavy fighter mostly used as interceptors and fighter-bombers.
    • Being more agile, P-51s were more suitable for escort duty, which required agility to engage enemy fighters in dogfights. P-38 s prevails P-51s on firepower and armor, while being far less agile than P-51s.

Unit Information

Domain Target Housing Spawn Count Speed Range
Air Air Units 1 1 6 6


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 61 17 1m 20s 115 0s 0 4
2 74 21 1m 20s 150 9h 40,000 4
3 86 24 1m 20s 190 2d 140,000 5
4 100 28 1m 20s 225 5d 500,000 5
5 112 31 1m 20s 260 10d 2,000,000 7
6 124 35 1m 20s 300 16d 6,400,000 7