"A light attack craft equipped with a heavy machine gun. Fast and versatile it is often one of the first units in to battle."


The entry level Navy unit is equipped with a machine gun mounted on the foredeck and is used to harass and assault targets. It is a cheap and effective solution to breaking through initial defenses. With the ability to attack Army, Navy and Air Force units, the Gun Boat is an early tactical unit available in the game that will be a core choice for anyone wishing to cause fast damage.

The Gun Boat is a Navy unit that can be built for battle in the Shipyard. They can be promoted via the Command Bunker, promoting the Gun Boat improves the damage and health of the unit.


The Gun Boat although having low health & low damage to begin with, used correctly can become a problem for any defending island to deal with. In large groups they can be dominating and superb at taking the attention away from larger, more important units at your disposal, allowing those units to inflict a greater amount of damage.

  • The Gun Boat will attack any unit that is within their range.
  • Due to their low Housing requirements, a large number of Gun Boats can be produced within the Shipyard compared to other Navy units.
  • The speed of the Gun Boat unit is the fastest of the three Navy units.
  • Out of the three Navy units that can be produced, the Gun Boat has the shortest production time.
  • Due to speed, low housing requirements and cost it is a great unit you can use to defend your island in the Harbor.

Unit Information

Domain Target Housing Spawn Count Speed Range
Sea Anything 1 1 2 5


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 55 22 45s 105 0s 0 3
2 68 27 45s 140 9h 40,000 3
3 80 31 45s 175 2d 130,000 4
4 91 36 45s 210 5d 500,000 4
5 102 40 45s 245 10d 2,000,000 6
6 114 45 45s 280 16d 6,000,000 6