"This heavier alternative of the tried and tested gunboat is fitted with a stronger arsenal of weapons at the expense of some maneuverability and training time."


The heavier alternative of the Gunboat is equipped with a heavy machine gun mounted on the foredeck and is used to assault targets. A slightly more expensive solution than the Gunboat, it makes up for it with superior health keeping it in the fight for longer. With the ability to attack ArmyNavy and Air Force units, the Heavy Gunboat is a strong unit which is a core choice for anyone wishing to cause strong damage from the sea.

The Heavy Gunboat is a Navy unit that can be built for battle in the Shipyard. They can be promoted via the Command Bunker, promoting the Heavy Gunboat improves the damage and health of the unit.


  • The Heavy Gunboat resembles a United States Petrol Torpedo Boat, combined with gunboat features, including heavy front-firing machine guns, torpedo tubes, and depth-charge racks.
  • Strangely, thought the Heavy Gunboat is loaded with a powerful arsenal, it only uses its machine guns to fight

 Unit Information

Domain Target Housing Spawn Count Speed Range
Sea Anything 2 1 1.5 5


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 135 35 1m 30s 275 0 0 3
2 160 43 1m 30s 365 9h 50,000 3
3 190 50 1m 30s 455 2d 160,000 5
4 220 57 1m 30s 545 5d 600,000 5
5 245 64 1m 30s 635 10d 2,250,000 7
6 275 72 1m 30s 730 16d 7,200,000 7