Islands are the foundation of a player's base providing them with key pinch points and defensive regions within which to build their facilities and defenses. Islands consist of large grassy buildable areas where the player can place the majority of their buildings and defenses. Areas on the islands contain rocks and vegetation which can be removed at a cost to make room for more buildings.

Each island is enclosed by a non-buildable strip of rocky cliff or sandy beaches. The cliffs are a border between the land and sea, preventing Landing Craft approaching the shore from landing any army units. The beach is an area where army units can disembark before their attack on the base. Beaches are also where the bridges used to link islands together are positioned.

Islands can be moved and rotated within the island map editor. For the island to be placed successfully, the player must ensure the island is aligned and connected to any other island at the beaches.

Each player will start with one island (Hula Island) and can buy extra expansion islands for a cost. The expansion islands can be found within the store.


Island Name Cost (Supplies) Size (Sq yards) Number Available
Hula Island 0 347 1
Outcrop Island 500 16 1
Dogleg Island 150,000 16 1
Open Island 150,000 16 1
Passage Island 150,000 16 1
Ever Island 300,000 163 2