"Naval transport for army forced. Reinforced with heavy plating the landing craft will protect its payload until it reaches the enemy beaches."


The Landing Craft is a navy unit that transports army units. This is a special navy unit as it does not require any production costs or time to be used, it is free and always available. The sole purpose of the Landing Craft is to deliver army units, once its role has been fulfilled, the Landing Craft will disappear.

The Landing Craft can be promoted via the Command Bunker, promoting the Landing Craft improves its health.


The Landing Craft is the only transport method currently available to the army units when attacking an island. However the Landing Craft offers a good amount of protection to the travelling units especially as the transport unit reaches higher ranked levels.

  • Although it is a navy unit, the Landing Craft's sole purpose is to transport army units to the island.
  • There is no cost to use the Landing Craft.
  • When fully ranked up, the Landing Craft has more health than any other unit in the game.
  • Landing Craft are not required to be produced. They will automatically be available to the player free of charge to use in battle.
  • The number of Landing Craft used in battle depends on the type of army unit it is carrying. For example five Rifleman units can be transported to the island in one Landing Craft, compared to only one Tank.

Unit Information

Domain Target Housing Spawn Count Speed Range
Sea None 0 1 1.75 0


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 250 0 0 0 0s 0 0
2 350 0 0 0 1h 8,000 1
3 450 0 0 0 6h 30,000 2
4 550 0 0 0 5d 330,000 4
5 650 0 0 0 10d 1,250,000 6
6 750 0 0 0 16d 4,000,000 8