"The mortarman sits at range to deliver extreme damage to the enemy defences, best used from behind heavier forces."


The Mortarman is a long range support unit, designed to take out enemy defenses from afar. They have a high attack damage and area of effect, but low rate of fire, making them vulnerable by themselves, but powerful when used in support. The Mortarman will target enemy defences as a priority over other enemies and buildings, it has a bombarding shot enabling it to fire over fortifications.

The Mortarman is an Army unit that can be built for battle in the Barrack, they can be promoted via the Command Bunker. Promoting the Mortarman improves the damage and health of the unit.


Mortarman, although having low health, when used correctly he can become a problem for any defending island to deal with. With powerful projectiles aimed at defenses, these units are great at quickly bringing down buildings without the need to spend time destroying fortifications that may be in the way.

  • The Mortarman will attack any defensive building.
  • Due to their low housing requirements, the Mortarman can be produced within the Barrack in high quantities.
  • The range of the Mortarman is the furthest out of the four Army units available in the game, followed closely by the Tank.
  • The Mortarman is the second fastest produced Army unit available.
  • Along with the Rifleman, the Mortarman has eight levels compared to the Jeep and Tank that only have six.

 Unit Information

Domain Target Housing Spawn Count Speed Range
Land Defenses 2 2 1.5 8


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 30 7 45s 50 30m 1,000 2
2 40 10 45s 100 1h 4,000 2
3 50 12 45s 150 3h 14,000 3
4 60 15 45s 200 9h 60,000 3
5 70 17 45s 250 2d 200,000 5
6 85 20 45s 300 5d 720,000 5
7 95 22 45s 350 10d 2,750,000 8
8 105 25 45s 400 16d 9,000,000 8