Attack strategies

Attacking is one of the most important mechanics in Battle Islands. Strategy comes with it as well. Here are a few good attack strategies that will guarantee a 2 star at least.

But first, here are a few tips:

  • DO NOT spawn all your riflemen, bazookas and mortar men (if you have any) all at once. A single land mine can destroy them all!
  • Try to spawn small amounts of troops wherever nessacary. This might grant you a one star if most of your troops are dying on a specific spot somewhere on the islands.
  • Look out for rigs and shipyards (or another sea building) that are places on the corner of the map. This way you can gain more loot and also score more damage to earn more stars and cog tags.
  • Its best to use reinforcements, preferably the medi-drop or paratroopers.


First, plan where you want to attack first. It can be anywhere as long as you have the right troops. If you spot a command bunker that has no defenses around it, it best to start attacking that in case your army and navy die out. If you are trying to land army troops on a beach that is near a gun turret, it it best to distract the turret with gunboats if an open space is available. If not, then drop artillery strikes or spawn a bomber to destroy it first. Avoid areas where a howitzer's damage area overlap. Drop 2 sets of paratroopers to begin with (at separate times) so they can momentarily distract the howitzers. Then drop the ranger along with some of your army on one side and then some more on another side if possible. The spawn as much bombers as possible to destroy the other defenses, but avoid the machine guns or anti-air guns. For lower level attackers, do the exact same thing.