Email: - Please add your Battle Islands ID and in-game name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platform is Battle Islands available on?

A: Currently Battle Islands is only available on iOS. However we are working on other platforms right this moment.

Q: Are there any plans to launch Battle Islands on Android?

A: Yes, we are working on this platform right now, expect an announcement soon.

Q: What are the contact details for customer services?

A: Please email with any specific issues relating to a user account and be sure to inclide your username and Battle Islands ID

Q: How do I find my Battle Islands ID and name?

A: To find your Battle Islands ID, from the main screen of the game select 'Battle' in the lower left hand corner, then select the 'Rivals' tab. Select 'Invite' and at the bottom of the box that appears you'll see 'My ID: XXXX'.

To find your Battle Islands name, look in the top left corner of the main game screen, under the blue XP bar. This is the Battle Islands name you chose. If this has been re-set to 'Unknown Soldier', just tap on the name and you'll have the chance to rename and update it.

Q: Why can't I get units back after using them in an assault?

A: If troops are deployed in battle, they will not return to your island after battle.

Q: Can I play the game on two devices, i.e iPhone and iPad, using the same ID and name?

A: Unfortunately not at this time. However we are looking at introducing this functionality very soon.

Q: I suspect that someone is cheating. What do I do?

Please email with full details (Plus ideally screenshots) and We will try to investigate.