"A speciality plane with a focus on taking out naval forces from the sky. It is the perfect ace to a potentially one sided battle."


The Torpedo Bomber is the final Air Force unit available for use. This particular unit can deal severe damage to Navy units and buildings, for this reason the Torpedo Bomber will specifically attempt to target Navy forces during battle. An expensive but deadly unit if used with the correct strategy.

The Torpedo Bomber is an Air Force unit that can be built for battle in the Hangar, they can be promoted via the Command Bunker. Promoting the Torpedo Bomber improves the damage and health of the unit.


The Torpedo Bomber when used correctly can become a problem for any defending island to deal with. Although it is the last Air Force unit to become available, the costs and production times are reasonable and it can slot into any attacking force nicely.

  • The Torpedo Bomber is the second fastest Air Force unit available.
  • Compared to all three Air Force units available, the Torpedo Bomber is the only Air Force unit that directly aims to attack Navy forces.
  • The Torpedo Bomber is the second quickest of all three Air Force units to be produced in the Hangar.
  • The Torpedo Bomber has less promotional levels than the other two Air Force units available.
  • The Torpedo Bomber resembles a TBF "Avenger", one of the most famous and most successful torpedo bomber used in WWII bu US Navy.

Unit Information

Domain Target Housing Spawn Count Speed Range
Air Sea Units 2 1 4.5 6


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 240 62 3m 20s 450 2d 200,000 6
2 275 72 3m 20s 540 5d 720,000 6
3 310 81 3m 20s 630 10d 2,750,000 7
4 350 90 3m 20s 720 16d 9,000,000 7