Patch Notes v2.2.1

  • Fixed an issue where some players had inaccurate supplies reported on the enemies list
  • Improved the loading time of friends' information

Patch Notes v2.2

  • Added the Boost button to unit training, unit promotion, supply production and upgrading buildings to speed them up for a small amount of gold
  • Added left and right buttons to the unit training to quickly switch between buildings
  • Replaced the Rivals list on all platforms with the Friends list from the Xbox One version
  • Removed the attack button from the list of alliance members
  • Fixed an issue where some players didn’t receive their weekly gold reward from the Friends list
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to train aircraft in the wrong buildings
  • Fixed the broken Facebook connection button on Android
  • Fixed the pink shadow on the Paratroopers

Rebalancing Updates

  • Increased the Medi-Drop’s range, healing power and duration and decreased its cost
  • Increased the Supply reward from Campaign missions
  • Decreased the cost of Fortifications
  • Decreased XP rewarded for training troops
  • Decreased the Artillery Strike's damage

Patch Notes v2.1.4

  • Removed Holiday icon on Google, Steam, Yahoo, Facebook, Xbox One and PS4.
  • Fixed the issue where some players appeared constantly under attack
  • Fixed the issue where there were some instances of no battle report after being attacked
  • Fixed the issue that removed enemies available from the enemy list

Patch notes v2.1.1

  • Removed Holiday icon on iOS, Amazon, Xbox One and PS4

Patch Notes v2.1.2

  • Fixed a bug on Android, Steam, Facebook and Yahoo that removed available enemies for some players on the server

Patch Notes v2.1

  • Updated the icon with the holiday theme
  • Updated the new style loading screens with a holiday theme
  • Updated the Christmas tree to give more gold per day only during the holiday season
  • Updated new style characters for the holiday season
  • Added foundation work for improved network connectivity in future updates
  • Added the Snowman as a new Landmark for the holiday season
  • Added the elite Ranger unit to all platforms
  • Added the Motorcycle, Heavy Gunboat, Escort Fighter units to all platforms
  • Added Support Engineer to iOS, Android and XBox One
  • Fixed a rare instance of the report and replays not matching
  • Fixed the Ranger not defending the base when garrisoned on Xbox One
  • Fixed missing textures for a few objects on PS4
  • Fixed the context menu favouring the fortify button on PS4
  • Fixed the Warships attacking walls instead of defences
  • Fixed Hangar not showing air force count
  • Fixed the Czech Koruna and Russian Ruble not displaying correctly in-store
  • Fixed stability issues with the New Xbox One Experience
  • Fixed rare Ranger animation issue on Xbox One
  • Fixed garrisoned Motorcycles not appearing on Xbox One
  • Fixed multiple minor UI issues
  • Fixed rare instance on Xbox One where timers failed to count down
  • Fixed a rare case where players could find themselves attacked while playing

Rebalancing Updates

  • Units rebalanced to have more significant bonuses per upgrade rank
  • Unit upgrade costs have been rebalanced to come in line with their overall power
  • Unit upgrade times have also been modified to work in tandem with the new upgrade costs
  • Buildings have increased health whilst wall health has been slightly reduced
  • Garrisoned unit counts have been balanced to match the strength of attackers
  • Unit production buildings upgrade costs have been rebalanced to make Shipyards and Hangars cheaper
  • Rifleman has a slight stat reduction in both health and damage
  • Mortar training costs reduced
  • Motorcycle has increased damage and large reduction in training cost
  • Jeep has increased health and damage with reduced training cost
  • Tank early stats reduced, receives significant increases per rank
  • Bazooka receives all round increases including health, damage, attack speed and reduced cost
  • Paratroopers gain a slight increase to both health and damage
  • Gunboat has a slight health reduction, with an increase to damage to compensate
  • Heavy Gunboat also has a slight stat reduction
  • Warship receives a damage and health boost
  • Submarine has a greatly improved health and damage bonus
  • Fighter has a slight health reduction, with an increase to damage to compensate
  • Escort Fighter also has a slight stat reduction
  • Bomber receives a damage and health boost
  • Torpedo Bomber has a greatly improved health and damage bonus
  • Gun Turret health increased