This page specifies what is deemed as acceptable and appropriate and what is not for this wiki.


To have an account to edit anything on the Battle Islands page you must be at least 13 years old. This is required by the Wikia Terms of Use and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act .

Recommended Behaviour

1. We recommend you invite friends to help the cause of getting the Battle Islands wiki site to the best it can be and ensuring it stays this way.

2. Please ensure you sign your name on any talk page, just so it is documented.

3. When editing, please do so in good faith and in a well mannered, respectful way.

4. Read the Battle Islands Editing Wikia Rules for more information.

5. Please report anyone who violates any of the rules or policies.

Inappropriate Behaviour

1. Never give out or ask for personal information (address, password, etc). Repeatedly requesting this information from someone can be viewed as harassment and will result in a ban to the site.

2. Harassing or threatening another user in what ever way (Race, gender, nationality, relison, etc) is not tolerrated and serious action will be taken.

3. Editing or deleting another users' pages is forbidden, unless it is to correct gramatical errors. To do these minor changes you must have the users permission.

4. Do not insult or belittle each other.

5. Do not refer to a user by anything other than their username. You may refer to each other by other names (such as nickname) however both parties must agree this is acceptable.

6. Spamming (advertising for a business, website, etc) is prohibited (Unless approved by an administrator).

7. Article comments and blogs are for constructive dialogue only.

8. Inserting sexually explicit content or pictures will result in a ban anywhere from 6 months up to a permanent ban.

9. Do not use excessive capital letters in the comments.